I LOVE YOUR STAFF! They are always so kind and helpful (this is not a paid political announcement). Cully, Sarah, Shannon… they are all wonderful and the guys who come to make service calls as well.”

“We set up 2 phones this week. We had to start with the basics – how do I turn this thing on? Hours later, we are enjoying the world of the ‘smart phone.’ Thanks for your patience and great customer service!” – Janet Johnson, customer since “a long time”

“You’re doing a great job and I am glad to support local business. Keep up the good work!”

“Staff willing to overcome the customer’s challenge and put it right. Staff knowledgeable about any possible glitches. Staff courteous and helpful. Thank you!” – Patience Andersen Faulkner, customer since inception

“You have the best people working here. Great service!

“CWC is always helpful and friendly. I appreciate the services offered, always a positive experience.” – Jeannie Blake

“You guys are always so helpful and knowledgeable” – Linee Perkins, customer since 2004

Good call coverage. It’s nice to have a house phone too. Very good customer service.” – Jonah Dart-McLean, customer since 2010Testimonial image

“Very helpful when trying to reset router/figure out password for wifi. Had no idea how to do it on my own” – Robert Masolini, customer since a week ago 🙂

“Excellent! Couldn’t be better. Everyone’s always cheerful & nice” – Marie Nichols

“You are Cordova customer service oriented at the highest degree. I appreciate that we are important to your company”

“I appreciate the periodic speed increases at no additional cost” – Barb Bailer

Great Service!” – Barb Beedle, customer since 1951

“Thank you for answering my many questions and taking the time to figure out the situation when I am having a glitch. You NEVER give up!

“Cordova Wireless – best service in PWS Region. Awesome! Forever seeking faster more efficient internet service for the Cordova area.” – Dan Reum

“Just left there (CWC), and I must say… outstanding. Professional, knowledgeable staff, and extremely welcoming. This is how businesses should treat their customers. Thank you very, very much.” – Kevin Sommerlot

“Dear Cordova Wireless, Thank you for all of your hard work. I think I speak for the majority of Yakutat when I say YOU ROCK!”  (= Sincerely, Amanda Bremner Porter\

I love my free Kindle Fire! Thanks, CTC, the only problem is going to be trying to keep Eric from taking it fishing, after I told him how great it is!” – Jessica Thomas

“Thank you for spectacular, personal, customer service!”Krysta Williams

“The internet is fast and the signal holds; it doesn’t go on and off. Thanks.” – Angel Stovall

“U guys are awesome!!!”Yaritza Mejias, customer since 2005

“Thank you for all the services you offer”Lynn Troughton, customer since 2001

“Love your staff!”Toni Bocci

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