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Texting & Driving

It Can Wait: A public service announcement from Cordova Wireless, your local communications company that cares.


  • In 2011, at least 23% of auto collisions involved cell phones.  That's 1.3 million crashes!
  • 5 seconds is the minimal amount of time your attention is taken away from the road while texting.  At 27 mph, that equals half the length of a football field without looking at the road.
  • Texting makes a car crash up to 23 times more likely.
  • Driving a vehicle while texting is 6 times more dangerous than driving while intoxicated (according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration)
  • Texting in cars and trucks causes over 3000 deaths and 330,000 injuries per year, according to a Harvard Center for Risk Analysis study.
  • Texting while driving a vehicle has now replaced drinking while driving as a leading cause of accidents and deaths of teenage drivers.
  • Teens who text while driving spend approximately 10% of their driving time outside their lane.
  • 63% of young drivers have seen their parents text or talk on the phone while driving, and 48% of kids aged 12-17 have been in a car while the driver is texting.

Take the Pledge to never Text and Drive!

Alaska Texting While Driving Penalties

Text and drive only

Class A Misdemeanor

up to $10,000 and 1 year in prison

Injure someone

Class C Felony

up to $50,000 and 5 years in prison

Seriously injure someone

Class B Felony

up to $100,000 and 10 years in prison

Kill someone

Class A Felony

up to $250,000 and 20 years in prison