611 2nd Street, P.O. Box 459, Cordova, AK 99574


power of fiber


Everything's faster on fiber, and CTC has Cordova's only fiber optic connection to the world!

Sign up for CTC high-speed internet and enjoy the speed and unparalleled reliability of fiber optics!




Cordova Telephone Cooperative's fiber cable provides:

  • Faster Speeds – Whether its work or pleasure, now you can surf the web on a connection that keeps up with the speed of your busy lifestyle.  It’s really fast!

  • More Bandwidth – CTC’s Fiber Optic Cable has a capacity over 30 times larger than before.  Upload and download with ease on a system with enough bandwidth to far exceed Cordova’s needs for generations to come.

  • Decreased Latency – call long-distance, video chat, watch movies and game in real time with no more delays.

  • Extreme Reliability – Unlike satellite, your Fiber connection will not be affected by sunspots.  Unlike microwave signals, which must have a straight, line-of-sight path and can be completely obliterated by solid obstructions or even heavy rain, sleet, or snow; fiber connections will remain strong no matter the conditions.

  • Free Laptop Computer or Kindle Fire HD! – Just sign up for a 2 year DSL internet package and get a brand new mini notebook computer or Kindle Fire HD completely free of charge! Non-fulfillment and cancellation fees for 2 year package apply. Call our office for detials.

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Now is a great time to sign up for a high-speed internet package with Cordova Telephone Cooperative!  And remember…

Every dollar you spend with CTC & CWC stays here in Cordova, the community you live in!