Cordova Telephone Cooperative has been enhancing the lives of Cordova residents in its support of the community since becoming a cooperative form of business in 1978.

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CTC & CWC support the community of Cordova with employment opportunities for 18 residential employees; spends over $1 million with local vendors; donates over $90,000 to local groups annually; sponsors the Cordova School District’s “Student of the Quarter” program, boys and girls sports program and many extracurricular school programs. They continue to distribute “Welcome” packets to new Cordova residents; and, each month under the “Five Free” program, five lucky subscribers are given a $50 gift certificate to be redeemed at local businesses.


Cordova Telephone Cooperative & Cordova Wireless Communications also distribute thousands of dollars annually to graduating high school seniors.

In 2016, Cordova Telephone Cooperative scholarships totaling $15,000 for high school seniors were awarded to, Darian Sorenson, Cooper Jewel, Bhren Pena, Diane Felix, Travis Glasen, and Elizabeth Allison. Cordova Wireless Communications also awarded Travis Glasen, Bhren Pena, Diane Felix, Elizabeth Allison, and Cooper Jewel scholarships totaling an additional $2,500! The Cordova Telephone Cooperative, as a Member Company of the Alaska Telephone Association (ATA) and The Western Telecommunications Alliance (WTA) was proud to announce an award of a combined $4,500 to Lindsay Phillips!

In 2015, CTC scholarships were awarded to Ann Carlson, Chandelle Erby, Dariah Songer, Lindsay Hammer, Casey Smyke, Robin Pegau, Sarah Hamberger, Gabrielle Brown, Meryl Arcalas and Sarah Hoepfner. CWC also awarded Sarah Hamberger, Gabrielle Brown, Meryll Arcalas, and Sarah Hoepfner with scholarships. Additionally, Sarah Hoepfner was awarded with an ATA scholarship while Lindsay Hammer took home both an ATA and NTA scholarships for a total scholarship amount of $9,000!

NTCA Youth Tour

The 2018 NTCA Youth Tour to Washington DC scholarship, presented by the Foundation for Rural Services was presented to local high school students William Deaton.

The 2017 NTCA Youth Tour recipient was Edrea Navarro. Various other community donations are made throughout the year. For more information on the NTCA Youth Tour and to apply, contact the CTC office at 907-424-2345.

In addition to the above community donations, CTC, through its subsidiary Cordova Wireless Communications (CWC), gives free local cellular service and free cell phones to its members; and, offers subscribers a free netbook computer or Kindle Fire by signing a two year contract for their internet service.

CTC & CWC strive to be a good business neighbors by supporting local businesses, programs and worthwhile organizations; and they follow their Mission Statements by remaining committed to the provision, improvement and expansion of quality, competitively priced communication services in Cordova and the surrounding service area.