611 2nd Street, P.O. Box 459, Cordova, AK 99574


  • "I LOVE YOUR STAFF! They are always so kind and helpful (this is not a paid political announement either smiley). Cully, Sarah, Shannon… they are all wonderful and the guys who come to make service calls as well."


  • "We set up 2 phones this week. We had to start with the basics – how do I turn this thing on? Hours later, we are enjoying the world of the 'smart phone'. Thanks for your patience and great customer service!" – Janet Johnson, customer since "a long time"


  • "You're doing a great job and I am glad to support local business. Keep up the good work!"


  • "Staff willing to overcome the customer's challenge and put it right. Staff knowledgable about any possible glitches. Staff courteous and helpful. Thank you!" – Patience Andersen Faulkner, customer since inception


  • testimonials "You have the best people working here. Great service!" 


  • "CWC is always helpful and friendly. I appreciate the services offered, always a positive experience." – Jeannie Blake


  • "You guys are always so helpful and knowledgeable" – Linee Perkins, customer since 2004


  • "Good call coverage.  It's nice to have a house phone too.  Very good customer service." – Jonah Dart-McLean, customer since 2010


  • "Very helpful when trying to reset router / figure out password for wifi.  Had no idea how to do it on my own" – Robert Masolini, customer since a week ago 🙂


  • "Excellent!  Couldn't be better.  Everyone's always cheerful & nice" – Marie Nichols


  • "You are Cordova customer service oriented at the highest degree. I appreciate that we are important to your company"


  • "I appreciate the periodic speed increases at no additional cost" – Barb Bailer


  • "Great Service!" – Barb Beedle, customer since 1951


  • "Thank you for answering my many questions and taking the time to figure out the situation when I am having a glitch.  You NEVER give up!"


  • "Cordova Wireless – best service in PWS Region.  Awesome!  Forever seeking faster more efficient internet service for the Cordova area." – Dan Reum


  • "Just left there (CWC), and I must say… outstanding.  Professional, knowledgeable staff, and extremely welcoming.  This is how businesses should treat their customers.  Thank you very, very much." – Kevin Sommerlot


  • "Dear Cordova Wireless, Thank you for all of your hard work.  I think I speak for the majority of Yakutat when I say YOU ROCK! (=  Sincerely, Amanda Bremner Porter"


  • "I love my free Kindle Fire!  Thanks, CTC, the only problem is going to be trying to keep Eric from taking it fishing, after I told him how great it is!" – Jessica Thomas


  • "Thank you for spectacular, personal, customer service!" – Krysta Williams


  • "The internet is fast and the signal holds; it doesn't go on and off. Thanks." – Angel Stovall


  • "U guys are awesome!!!" – Yaritza Mejias, customer since 2005


  • "Thank you for all the services you offer" – Lynn Troughton, customer since 2001


  • "Love your staff!" – Toni Bocci

Want to see what folks are saying about our competitor?
Want to see what people are saying about our competitor?

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