Here at CTC and CWC, we take pride in giving back to our community. We do this by shopping locally whenever possible, supporting local events as well as school sports and clubs, college scholarships, non-profits, and lots more.

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We love Cordova.

Here are just some of the events, clubs, causes, and businesses that we support. 

CTC Scholarships

Each year, CTC and CWC award scholarships to select seniors for attendance at an accredited academic or vocational institution. Download the application below and direct questions to the CHS School Counselor or e-mail

Cordova Public Schools

*CHS Robotics
*Student of the Quarter
*CHS Concessions
*Music Department
*Tech Club
*Close Up
*College Scholarships
*Safe and Sober
*Tipoff Tournament
*Iceworm Variety Donation

Community Events

*Iceworm Festival
*Salmon Jam
*Sobriety Celebration
*Cordova Clean Up
*Old Time Downtown 4th of July
*Wild Harvest Feast
*Copper River Nouveau
*Fungus Festival
*Shorebird Festival
*Watershed Education
*Cemetery Cleanup
* Cordova Kid’s Fish Derby
*CFRC Basket Auction
*Native Youth Olympics

CTC/CWC Events

*Iceworm Birthday Party
*Moonlight Madness
*Co-Op Month
*Annual Meeting
*Five Free Monthly


*Salvation Army
*Independence Fund
*Watershed Project
*Cordova Chamber
*Ducks Unlimited
*Girl Scouts
*Iceworm Swim Team
*CHS Sports Streaming
*Science Center
*Imagination Library
*Moose Lodge Superbowl