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UPDATE: CWC Data Upgrade September 2015

As many of you have noticed we are turning up our data services in Cordova and the surrounding area. This work will take a couple of weeks to complete, but should not cause any significant usage issues for you the customer. So far things are going smoothly and we expect top notch performance and coverage when finished. Once we officially launch data services, our speeds will be true 3G or 4G and LTE speeds, because all of our local sites are fiber connected to the world. This fact sets us apart and gives our network a tremendous competitive advantage. The CWC data will be impressive and reliable. Our roaming agreement with AT&TM Nationally and internationally will assure our coverage is second to none. CWC will continue to own and operate the local CWC network, CTC owns CWC. The next step will be for your sim card to be replaced. We will announce when you can come into our office for this. In the meantime your phones will work just fine and you need not take any action until notified to do so.

Thank you,
Paul Kelly